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We all know that it is important to have a will and to plan out our estate, but life often gets in the way and for one reason or another, getting our affairs in order always must wait for another day. Part of life though is the seminal events that change how we feel: about our direction, about our goals, about our family and our future.

A Loved One’s Passing

Our own mortality is perhaps never so present in our mind as at the time of a loved one’s passing. At times like these, it can be a powerful motivation to ensure that when our lives are at an end, our affairs are in order and our family provided for. Having an orderly and complete will makes it easy for our families to fulfill our wishes, to take care of property, personal belongings, and estates without having to make decisions in a time of grief. A professional estate planner can make helpful suggestions that are tailored to your desires and situation.

A New Addition

The birth of a child is an exciting occasion, and an excellent time to review your estate planning and make changes to account for the newest member of your family. Possible items could include:

  • College or education fund
  • Trust fund
  • Bequeathment of heirlooms or other property

One of the best gifts to bestow on a child or grandchild is to set something up that will help them as they journey in your footsteps through life.

Planning Retirement

As the retirement account fills up and you begin thinking of retiring and pursuing other goals, it can be helpful to enlist the assistance of an estate planner to navigate the legalities involved. These professionals bring years’ of experience to the table and can provide a perspective you have, perhaps, not considered. Additionally, they bring a familiarity with the laws governing estates, taxes, and how best to draft a plan that fulfills your desires.

For help planning out your estate, contact us.



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